Use new mIRC versions with Gamers.IRC

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Use new mIRC versions with Gamers.IRC

Unread postby Tuxman » 27.10.2008 17:56

Sometimes new versions of mIRC, the chat application Gamers.IRC is based on, are released. They mostly fix some bugs or tweak the user interface.
All Gamers.IRC releases include the latest versions of mIRC. If a new mIRC version arrives, you can however upgrade it yourself.

You'll need:
  • an unpacking application able to unzip installation archives
    - We recommend the free 7-zip tool.
  • the latest mIRC installer, available here
    - Caution: DON'T run it, just save it!
When all preparations are done, 7-zip is ready to use and the mIRC6xx.exe file is stored on your computer, we can finally start.

Gamers.IRC is required to be shut down before you can continue!

Unpack the mIRC installation file first. Your unpacking application should be able to handle it as a .zip file. Using 7-zip, it looks this way:


In the destination folder you'll find a subfolder "$TEMP" containing another mIRC6xx.exe file. Unpack it the same way.

Now you'll get these directories:

Code: Select all

The strange folder names don't matter here, they're only used for the actual mIRC installation progress.

These folders contain all files needed to update Gamers.IRC to the newest mIRC base.

Copy all files from the $OUTDIR/backups/ directory into your Gamers.IRC directory. The mIRC.exe file must replace the existing file!

Don't copy other files like mIRC.ini into your Gamers.IRC directory, or you'll probably won't be able to start Gamers.IRC properly anymore!

Now your Gamers.IRC version is up-to-date. You can safely delete your unpacking directories now.


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Re: Use new mIRC versions with Gamers.IRC

Unread postby chris1 » 01.04.2015 20:39

The mIRC supports an upgrade function. You can also use this.

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