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[6.07] customized colored shortcuts

Posted: 30.12.2013 22:47
by chris1
With this change, Gamers.IRC can also use customized colored shortcuts. (short=text with mirc colors-blod-etc.)

Open the mIRC script editor (Alt+R) with gamersirc.grc, scroll to line 6206:

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          if (c isincs $gettok($chan($active).mode,1,32)) { var %sentence = $readini(bin\ini\shortcuts.ini,shortcuts, $1) }
Replace that by:

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          if (c isincs $gettok($chan($active).mode,1,32)) { var %sentence = $strip($readini(bin\ini\shortcuts.ini,shortcuts, $1)) }
          elseif ($chr(3) isin $readini(bin\ini\shortcuts.ini,shortcuts, $1)) { var %sentence = $readini(bin\ini\shortcuts.ini,shortcuts, $1) }
Fixed in the next Gamers.IRC version.

Patched files:
You can find all Gamers.IRC files with integrated hotfixes here.