Connecting to two different IRC servers won't work right

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Re: Connecting to two different IRC servers won't work right

Unread postby chris1 » 20.09.2010 15:36

Maybe this helps. If not, just ask again.
#45: How can I connect to multiple servers automatically? How does the Gamers.IRC auto connect work?
The command to connect to a new server is: /server [-emnsarpfocz] <server/groupname> [port] [password] [-i nick anick email name] [-jn #channel pass]
Example: "/server -m", where -m means a new window. The port is optional here, because then the default port 6667 is used.
For more information about this topic enter "/help /server".
You can do it by clicking, too: Alt+O -> Connect -> Servers -> Choose server -> Double-click the server -> Click "Connect to server".
If you want to connect to this server on every start, please right-click into the status window of the server and click "Always connect to servername?"
Gamers.IRC will afterwards connect to this server on every start and even prefer German respectively European servers. If you want to remove the server from the auto connect, click "Always connect to servername?" again.
If you use the Gamers.IRC autoconnect, UNCHECK the following checkbox: Alt+O -> Connect -> Options -> Connect on startup

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