pls help me

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Re: pls help me

Unread postby Sentinel » 01.08.2008 07:54

wrangler41 wrote:Gamers.IRC version:5.10 ...
(11:22:13) -> on 1 ca 1(4) ft 20(20)
(11:22:13) • Raw 221 not found in theme. Please report this bug to . wr4ngL3r : +i :
(11:22:13) • Your modes are now +i
(11:22:13) • Sorry, You're banned from this server.
(11:22:13) • Server error: Closing Link: wr4ngL3r by (G-lined (Open Proxy, see - ID: 271953))
(11:22:13) * Disconnected

Pls help me i try connect quakenet server but auto gline pls help me:(
Sorry, your are banned. Please try again later.

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Re: pls help me

Unread postby Tuxman » 01.08.2008 13:33

Trying later will probably not help. You are banned because you connect via an open proxy, check the provided URL for details...

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