Favorite Networks, autoconnect

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Favorite Networks, autoconnect

Unread postby UrGonnaDie » 23.10.2010 13:31

Something i would really like to see in gamers irc is something ive always liked from NN script and thats there Favorite networks option. I normally join at least 10 networks on irc all with diffrent names and this option really helps do that as im a noob with scripts.
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Re: Favorite Networks

Unread postby chris1 » 24.10.2010 09:23

The idea is not bad, but far too complicated. We could expand our already existing auto-connect. At the moment girc uses the default settings. So always the same nick, as we thought this would be sufficient.

Intern notes:
- in todo Liste aufgenommen.
- eigene .ini wurde erstellt. Vorbereitungen fertig.
- muss jetzt noch ins Setup eingebaut werden.

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