[5.32] Thanks for voice

Hotfixes for outdated Gamers.IRC versions.
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[5.32] Thanks for voice

Unread postby chris1 » 31.07.2010 08:38

Bug: Thanks for voice
Thanks for voice did not work.
Possible errer message in the status window: * /if: invalid format (line 6346, gamersirc.grc)

Open the mIRC script editor (Alt+R) with gamersirc.grc, scroll to line 6346:

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    if (($network == QuakeNet && $nick != Q) && ($nick != ChanServ) {
Replace that by:

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    if (($nick != Q) && ($nick != ChanServ)) {
Fixed in the next Gamers.IRC version.

Patched files:
You can find all Gamers.IRC files with integrated hotfixes here.

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